Rock and shred Stordok has been handling my shredding needs for some time but who could resist a free shred day, rock and roll and free bbq. as always stordok was friendly, profesional and in general inspired confidence that my private documents would be disposed of correctly. As a small buisnes owner I realize how important proper disposal of sensitive documents is. I would recommend stordok to anyone. John Hovig Owner Hovig Landscaping Inc. Morgan hill CA.

“Stordok rocks” provides excellent customer service To Whom it May Concern: What a great experience to arrive at Stordok for the “Free Shredding “ festivities. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I brought my two boxes to be shredded only to find out they were larger than they were supposed to be. Not to worry, they took them anyway, at no charge. Amazing customer service. Then they fed me. It’s nice to know this facility is available in Watsonville. Thanks to Bay Federal I found out about this event. It really helped me to start spring cleaning up my old papers.

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